PT Balegede Internasional only uses high strength, clear grained, first quality hardwood timbers from well managed and legal sources. 

The timbers we use generally are Bangkirai and Merbau and they areare termite resistant.


PT Balegede Internasional has a license from the Indonesian Government that we use to export timber. This is known as SVLK and ensures that all our timber is aquired legally from properly managed forests.
This certification shows that PT Balegede Internasional source Bangkirai and other timbers from legal well managed forests that are audited by the Indonesian Government.
The entire Chain of Custody is monitored carefully and we are audited, as is everyone in the supply chain, to ensure complicity with the very strict rules.
Products produced from SVLK certified timber by PT Balegede Internasianal will be entitled to bear the SVLK label.
We do however, personally go to great lengths to ensure that the source is legal, ethical and managed properly.


Your Ethical Choice of Building Material
There is much concern about the ethics of using timber as a building material in this time of great concern about climate change through global warming.

A lot is said about reducing carbon emissions to reduce the greenhouse effect of carbon in the atmosphere. It is clear that we all need to consider how we add carbon to the atmosphere on a daily basis due to our lifestyle choices and manufacturing processes associated with those choices.

Less discussed is our ability to choose how we can, through well informed choices, assist in the removal and storage of carbon from the atmosphere as well.

When you choose your building material for your home, we contend that your choice of timber above other building materials, results in a carbon positive effect on the environment, as long as that timber is sourced from forests that can be verified as being properly managed.

The lifespan of one of our strtuctures is far longer, it can be up to five times, than the time that it takes to regrow the trees that are used as source material.
This is what we call a renewable resource.
In addition, those regrowing trees actively remove carbon from the atmosphere and then when we use that timber in construction that carbon is stored in that construction timber forever.

. By using more timber (storing carbon) and growing more trees (removing carbon from the atmosphere) we actually believe we can make a significant impact on carbon emissions.

In addition, we convert all our timber offcuts to charcoal using a process called pyrolysis in an Adam Retort and then mix with organic compost thus creating Biochar. We supply this to farms in Bali. This is a system that sequesters carbon for thousands of years and has the potential to cool global warming.

Adam Retort

Before Pyrolisis

After Pyrolisis