Custom Prefabricating Your Architect Designed House

Tropical Building Systems specializes in the construction of prefabricated houses or parts of houses that have been designed by our client's architects.

We work to a very high degree of accuracy, and there is no problem for a building to be constructed by local contractors to the top of masonry walls and then to have our doors and windows installed and roofs placed over the top.

This also shortens the overall time of construction of a project as the reconstruction of a totally precut roof frame is about a fifth of the time of a built on site one

We have a team of CAD draftsmen who prepare 3D shop drawings of the prefabricated elements based on the concept or design development drawings supplied to us.

We are able to develop quickly detailed drawings from very basic sketches.

All of our drawing work is free of charge.

Although we are able to develop construction drawings from clients sketches, all projects ultimately must comply with the local laws at their destination site, and have to be submitted by an approved architect or engineer from that area, so this relationship must be attended to at an early stage.

The timbers we use are high strength hardwoods and we assist engineers to make the calculations to obtain the structural solutions for statutory authority approval.

The quality of our workmanship is extremely high and clients are able to obtain a standard of construction that is becoming very rare without high costs.

There is no feeling in the finished buildings that they are prefabricated or kit homes.